Why Your Company Needs Social Media

//Why Your Company Needs Social Media

Why Your Company Needs Social Media

10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Social Media

1) Boost or Maintain Brand Awareness

Using social media to help keep your company in front of your customer’s eyes or attract new customers is an awesome tool to add to your marketing tool belt. Whether you are just starting your company or you have been around for a while. There is no question that people love to see the brands they support active on social media.  Creating a social media account that customers actively engage with is a great outlet to announce a new product or other exciting news.

2) Cost Of Social Media vs. Actual Data Received  

When you look at the cost of advertising you might feel your heart stop. Radio advertising can reach into $1,000’s/month and if you decide to look into television airtime you could be looking at $10,000+/month. Print, Radio, and TV make it really hard to actually track how many people are seeing your brand or retaining your advertisement. With social media, you can embed links to your website, attract hot leads through funnels, or even prompt a potential customer to call you. All of the traffic that you generate can be tracked and saved for later use. There are dozens of other companies that offer data tracking (each dependent on how much time you want to devote to tracking data). 

3) Increased Traffic = More Sales Potential

When you price your product or service at a competitive rate. And focus on driving traffic to your website through social media you increase the chances of a sale. When you combine a great marketing strategy with a product that people can afford in large quantities you are setting your company up to do a lot of business. 

4) SEO Ranking Matter

Using social media to drive traffic to your website helps your SEO rank go up. What does that mean to you? When you have a low SEO rank, Google may place your website on page 30 of their search results. Let’s be honest, when is the last time you even went looking to page 4 to find what you were looking for. When people go to your website and stay for a few minutes to look around, Google helps more people find your site by moving your page up in their search results.

5) Increased Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness is another way to stay in the conversation. The more you can get a customer to see your logo, brand, or content the more chances your company may have at being the thought leader. Using social media to obtain this is a perfect outlet. 

6) Going Viral

Some of the most successful content goes viral. When that content goes viral you could be talking about a big potential payout. Viral content, however, is not easy to obtain when you are just starting out. Some companies recruit social influencers to help gain momentum. 

7) Stay In The Know

When people are talking about your company on social media it is a good idea to check in to see what customers are saying. It is important to join in on the conversation. 

8) Tracking Your Competition 

Never before has there been one place where all of your competitor’s advertising can be seen. Keeping a close eye on competition’s social media campaigns advertisements is a great way to see what direction they might be taking their company. It also allows for you to see what people are saying about them. 

9) Target Marketing 

Target marketing might be the single most beneficial part of social media marketing. Target marketing allows you to find the people that are most likely to buy or engage with your brand. People are more likely to click on an advertisement that has something to do with their life rather than something they cannot relate to. 

10) Gaining Customer Satisfaction

Overall customer satisfaction is increased when a company has a strong social media presence. Customers with questions had to wait for the company to open back up the following day to phone them. Today you can find the company on social media send them a message, and get a reply within a few minutes at almost any time of the day. When you are able to provide service like this is helps the customer justify buying any other product that you may come out with down the road. Outperforming your competitor’s customer service could be a great way to grow your following. 

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