The Lost Cajun

Case Study2

Project Details

Covid-19 had a tremendous impact on the hospitality industry. During a time when thousands of restaurants were closing down, the Lost Cajun opened. We knew the challenges going into the project and how risky it was going to be, making our strategy that much more important.

Boosting Awareness:

We decided to run a giveaway ad which sole purpose was to get people to opt-into an irresistible offer. During the opt-in process, POLA collected phone numbers and email addresses while opting people into SMS marketing.

Before the store had even opened, we had already obtained over 2,300 Facebook page likes, collected over 1,000 phone numbers that had opted into SMS marketing, and built an email list of over 1,500 people.

POLA Marketing used all of the data to stay in communication with people during the building process. When The Lost Cajun opened, we were able to send out mass SMS, Email, and Facebook messages to let people know The Lost Cajun was open for business.


Comments: 1,500+

New Customers: 621+

SMS Opt-In: 1,464

Emails Collected: 2,000+


Campaign Results

New Customers
SMS Opt-In
Email Collected

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