The e-commerce business, Monday Haricare, is taking the shampoo industry by storm with its branding, even appearing on Allure’s list of “the Best Shampoos on Amazon for Any Hair-Care Concerns.”

In addition to crushing brand packaging, Monday is continuously fashionable, setting trends rather than following them, which is why the POLA team couldn’t wait to get its product in our studio.

Leading up to the shoot, we began conceptualizing how to approach the product and found ourselves at a crossroads. We were trying to decide if we should evoke a sense of touch in the shoot with a model or trust our creativity to capture the product in a certain way, thus allowing it to speak for itself.

Ultimately, our team decided that having a model in the shoot would be too predictable, and we wanted to push ourselves into telling a story for the shampoo brand without crutches like human interaction.

We focused on every intricate detail of the brand packaging and the textures within the shampoo bottle. The result filled us with satisfaction. In particular, the color grading captures the bottle perfectly and speaks volumes about our dedication to photography.