The ability to build a custom set is the ultimate perk of having an in-house studio. Whenever we get to work on a project of this scope, the whole team becomes very excited, and the creative juices begin flowing.

POLA proudly began working with the J Collection, a prestigious hotel chain, on a staycation promotion, “Summer Escape.” We were tasked with creating a commercial for the promotion that would sell the idea of escaping summer boredom.

Our team rose to the occasion, conceptualizing a fresh take on the staycation theme by incorporating a summer color palette to evoke vacation desire. We built a set from the ground up, pulling inspiration from Wes Anderson.

Anderson’s shooting style is colorful and simple, but he also tells a story in a short amount of time. To capture the right vibe, our cinematographer used flat space camera moves, symmetrical compositions, knolling, snap-zooms, and slow-motion walking shots to draw the audience’s attention.

The entire team had a blast brainstorming and filming the J Collection ‘Summer Escape’ commercial, and watching the commercial go live is a moment we will never forget. We can’t wait for our next project on this scale.