Fear Of God Shoot

The luxury label Fear of God and its subdivisions like Essentials personify what it is to have a unique vision. Jerry Lorenzo, the label owner, has a keen eye and a passion for telling quintessential American tales through his brand, from beginning to end.

Fear of God’s website is designed perfectly. It’s beautifully simplistic and does not overload guests with an abundance of buttons to click. Visitors can immerse themselves in the website before having to hit a single button for further exploration.

The direct-to-consumer (DTC) clothing company does a great job of making updates and swapping out the header image, allowing viewers to experience a new sense of discovery. Updating visuals also helps to persuade customers to make a purchase the second time around.

The exploration of Fear of God is a reminder that great marketing is more than driving traffic — it’s also storytelling. The art of conveying a brand’s story can easily fall victim to the long list of daily tasks. However, as Fear of God shows us, we should prioritize creativity and seize lights of inspiration when they strike.

Continuously updating a website can become tedious, and inspiration is difficult under the weight of necessary business operations, but nonetheless, these elements are critical to elevating a brand. Something as simple as updating the main header image can make a difference in increasing conversion rates.

A brand’s photography must communicate the company’s culture through its website and social media platforms. Websites and Instagram accounts should be filled with on-brand photos that are designed to interact with and captivate customers.

Fear of god has always been a company that has pushed us here at POLA Marketing to explore new boundaries and to create from inspiration rather than obligation. Although Fear of God has always inspired us, we felt this was POLA Marketing’s opportunity to shoot Fear of God with a more everyday street-inspired look.