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Project Details

Smart & Final partnered with Olive Crest to help raise awareness to put an end child abuse. To help raise money, Olive Crest sold mobiles at the cash registers. We used our “Free For A Year” campaign to generate awareness.

Smart & Final Extra! will open a store in Garden Grove on Wednesday, June 14. (Photo courtesy of Smart & Final)

Boosting Awareness:

POLA decided to run a giveaway Ad with the sole purpose of getting people to opt-into an irresistible offer. During the opt-in process, POLA Marketing used that opportunity to educate the customer on who Olive Crest was and how they could contribute to the foundation.

POLA helped eliminate that unknown company factor. By the time the customer got to the register, they knew the following:

  • Who Olive Crest was
  • What the money was being used for
  • They knew that Smart & Final was doing a good thing for the community


Reach: 4.8 Million People

Donations Collected: $547,000

Opt-Ins: 11,000+ People

Campaign Results

People Reached
Donations Collected

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