Project Description

Telling A Story

Jimenez brought the market a fantastic tasting chorizo sausage. Jimenez brought their product to retailers but was constantly getting shut down. After working with our team not only did we do a full package redesign, but developed a story that the brand could tell.

Our team put together a product catalog that Jimenez could use to communicate their brand story. By using our product catalog to walk the retailers through their brand story they were able to get companies that had previously passed them up to make their first order.

Jimenez trusted our team with their entire brand. The investment they made with our team has paid off tremendously. The first year of rebranding Jimenez fiscal report showed 60% growth. Customer satisfaction is what grows business, and Pola Marketing understands that.

Developed a brand message 

We defined what message we wanted to communicate to the consumer. We wanted a clear and precise message. 

Created relatable content  

We created content that allowed us to communicate our message and covert retailers to customers. 

Sustained spotlight marketing  

We figured out who our target audience was and dialed in on a price point that would convert them to a customer. 

Pinpointed key components

 Jimenez growth has tremendously took off. Our team is waiting to do the same for you. 

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