The NEEL team came to POLA with their revolutionary skin care line for product photography to elevate their branding. The POLA team accepted the challenge of turning the basic-looking product packaging into visuals that could seductively create allure.

Leading up to the shoot, our team knew we wanted each image to stick out as much as possible visually. We methodically planned different themes to bring the product to life through symbolism and skin contact.

Once our primary objectives were captured, we turned the shoot on its head and began improvising and experimenting with different shots. Through our process in the studio, we successfully produced stunning photography and created a visual identity for the brand.

When we shoot product photography, we ensure every product detail is captured properly. At the same time, we want to push the boundaries of what a brand is currently doing to transcend to the next level.

Basic shots don’t cut it. Photography must captivate by creating intrigue and excitement. The product photography we created for NEEL catalyzes the sentiments necessary to entice customers to engage with the brand.