How to Utilize Digital Ads for an E-Commerce Business

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An e-commerce guide to increasing website traffic through tiktok, meta, and pay-per-click (ppc) ads

Digital advertising can seem like a daunting task. Will the cost of advertising improve the company’s bottom line? How can I be sure that people will see the advertisement? What are the best ways to ensure it will be worth the time and effort? What platforms are the most effective?  The answers lay within the realms of TikTok, Meta, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads. These platforms provide distinct advantages over others and can easily reach people worldwide. The sheer amount of traffic that Meta and TikTok receive is invaluable compared to the average billboard. The tricky part is the execution and methods of advertising.

TikTok Advertising for E-Commerce

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TikTok is unbelievably popular. It is the best place to mesh e-commerce and entertainment together to create the perfect marketing storm. Different products and online stores blow up overnight because of TikTok.

One of the best ways to further an e-commerce store’s reach on TikTok is through collaborations with popular users. Reaching out to Tiktokers with large followings and asking them for a simple product review could propel a store astronomically. Choosing who to reach out to should be based on audiences, as this can determine advertisement success.

TikTok also allows e-commerce businesses to pay to advertise their products and services on peoples’ for you pages. These ads will appear as users swipe through their feeds and fit seamlessly into the user experience. The only discrepancy between a sponsored ad and user-made content is a small subtext that says “sponsored ad.” After the advertisement plays for a few seconds, a call to action is presented, saying, “shop now.” This link will bring users that click on it directly to the business’s website that was advertising.

TikTok ads allow e-commerce businesses to choose a target demographic, which is crucial to the success of advertising. Companies pay per view of their advertisements on TikTok. So it’s imperative that the right target audience is being reached. TikTok is a great way to kick off a business’s first advertising campaign and can pay dividends.

Meta Advertising for E-Commerce

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Meta encompasses two of the most popular social media platforms: Instagram and Facebook. Another advantage of Meta is that Instagram and Facebook, on average, have older users than other social media platforms, especially newer ones. When considering who does e-commerce shopping, it is usually people in their early twenties to late forties. To capitalize on the demographic, Meta has an online store that sells e-commerce products allowing consumers to shop from the comfort of the apps.

According to Meta, the most effective advertising method is the swipe ad. These ads portray products or services in a post, allowing users to swipe to see more. Once all pictures have been swiped through, a link to an e-commerce business’s website appears. Swipe ads have been especially successful on Instagram.

Meta also piggybacks off of TikTok in the form of Reels. Reels follow TikTok’s swipe-to-see format and have the same types of ads. Meta is also a great tool to use for businesses on strict budgets. When running ads on Meta, it is pay-per-view, just like most others, but it allows a company to cap the number of views on advertisements to stay within an allotted marketing budget.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising for E-Commerce

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is simple to understand but highly effective. These advertisements work by charging a business every time one of its ads is clicked. Turning these ads on and off is as easy as flipping a switch, which comes in handy if the budget is met.

Another great advantage of being able to turn these ads on and off is for targeting and time purposes. Let’s say a coffee shop is running PPC ads. People typically drink coffee in the morning, so running these ads in the morning will be more advantageous.

The beauty of PPC ads, as discussed previously, is the way they work. A business has no charges unless the advertisement is clicked, which means that the money spent on these ads is guaranteed traffic to an e-commerce store.

Why Digital Advertising?

When it comes to advertising for an e-commerce store, it’s all about preference. Digital advertising is the way of the future. It also provides distinct advantages over traditional in-person marketing. Utilizing PPC advertising, Meta advertising, and Tiktok advertising is just scratching the surface of what is possible with digital advertising. Digital advertising makes complete sense for anyone running an e-commerce business because of its potential. It opens up the opportunity for exponential growth for some companies, which is invaluable.

Call in a Professional

At POLA Marketing, we understand that owning an e-commerce business is taxing, and creating and managing digital ads can take time and effort to maintain appropriately. POLA Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that creates engaging ad campaigns with its talented team of experts.

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