Top Ways Amazon Brands Can Capture Video Content for High-Ranking Product Listings

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How amazon brands can grab the attention of shoppers by optimizing video content on product listings

In the midst of the e-commerce commotion, brands often overlook the benefits of creative, visually enticing video content. According to Clio, “Of all the forms of web-based content, video is growing the fastest and being consumed the most.” It is no surprise that video content has become a popular marketing strategy for brands on Amazon.

Video content can be used across platforms and budgets by beginners or professionals, making it a worthwhile marketing strategy for any Amazon brand to incorporate. Yet, there are still many guidelines brands must follow to be successful at product videography.

Identifying the Target Audience

With attention spans getting shorter and shorter by the day, brands must produce video content with their target audience in mind. It is vital to identify the common characteristics of these shoppers and provide content that entices them to buy. A few questions to help cater content to the target market include:

  • Who does the brand want to attract?
  • What questions are consumers asking?
  • What moves shoppers to action?

Once these questions are answered, brands can formulate a profile of their ideal customer and create content geared toward their interests. Video content is the perfect way to give a closer look at a product — something many shoppers seek.

The Importance of High-Quality Product Videos

Customers are likelier to purchase products showcased through professional visual content regardless of the shopping platform. Videos allow users to devour product details in a quick and informative way. For this reason, Amazon brands need to prioritize high-quality, consistent, and engaging video content. Filming with professional equipment, good lighting, crisp sound quality, and clean backgrounds immediately elevates products above competitors.

The proof is in the shopping. Most Amazon customers would prefer to watch a video for product information than read the product description. Shoppers also agree that videos help them make purchasing decisions.

The product page is typically the first place Amazon directs shoppers. Video content allows brands to highlight their product with more detail and encourages visitors to continue shopping on their storefronts.

Google indexes Amazon product listing and storefront pages — videos can increase a product page’s visibility and ranking on both search engine results pages (SERP). Since most shoppers also use Google to find products, brands must remember that high-ranking product pages equal more sales.

How to Film High-Quality Product Videos

There are more elements to shooting product videos than some brands may realize. It behooves sellers to put in the effort to shoot high-quality content. The right equipment, lighting, audio, and editing tools can enhance any brand’s video marketing strategy.


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Filming equipment can consist of cameras, tripods, or any item that may assist in getting a good shot. Although professional digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are popular among videographers, beginners can shoot incredible footage with smartphones. The amount and type of equipment needed will depend on how much money a brand is willing to invest in video marketing.


Lighting ranges from expensive studio lightboxes to portable ring lights attached to smartphones. Good lighting can even come from a large window or an overcast sky. Regardless of what type of lighting brands utilize, it should be bright enough to illuminate products but not too oversaturated that it leaves a white cast.


Filming should always take place in a quiet space. Background noise can distract shoppers and limit watch time. If background noise is unavoidable, a microphone will help capture clear audio. Any speakers in the video should make sure to enunciate distinctly so shoppers can easily understand the message.


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Proper equipment, lighting, and audio can significantly decrease editing time but should not be relied on solely. Editing is necessary and can help cut out awkward silence, add aesthetic background music, and create seamless transitions.

Filming and editing video content can be overwhelming. Amazon brands will find that hiring a creative studio with video production services is a worthwhile investment. POLA Studio allows for experimentation without losing quality or uniformity.

Amazon Product Video Requirements

Not all sellers can post product videos. Only marketplace sellers validated by Amazon’s Brand Registry can utilize video content. Additionally, brands must use the Amazon A+ Content Manager tool to place video content on their storefronts and product pages.

All registered sellers on Amazon must adhere to the standard requirements. All product listing videos must be:

  • Two minutes or less in length
  • Sized to 1280×720, 1920×1080, or 3840×2160 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Formatted to MOV, MP4 AAC, 3GP, FLV, AVI, or MPEG-2
  • Less than 500 MB
  • At least 1 Mbps
  • Rated 23.976 fps, 25 fps, or 30 fps

In addition to Amazon guidelines, sellers should always stick to their established brand guidelines when creating any product video content.


Video content is a marketing tool that keeps on giving. When filming product videos for an Amazon storefront, brands can collect b-roll and photos to repurpose on social media. Sellers often use their product videos for posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Filming high-quality video content provides Amazon brands with engaging product content to publish for months.

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