Reasons Why Brands Should Utilize a Creative Studio for their Amazon Storefronts

Is Amazon the new Vogue?

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A guide for amazon brands looking to utilize a creative studio to gain optimized product pages and storefronts

Branding, product photography and videography, ad graphics, and optimized product copy play an equally important role in the growth of e-commerce stores. On Amazon, visual and verbal content appears across product pages, storefronts, and advertisements. To generate consistent sales, brands must curate all brand-related content with diligence. For this reason, Amazon brands should never underestimate the power of working with a creative studio. Brands can say goodbye to the hassle of producing product content and can focus on business growth.


Unlike e-commerce businesses with elaborate Shopify websites, Amazon brands have limited space for branding on their storefronts. A daring visual identity optimized just for Amazon brands will stand out among competitors more than most realize.

According to SellerApp, “By developing your brand, you have the upper hand on Amazon and will shoot to the top five slots relatively fast compared to your competition.”

Consistency is the backbone of effective branding, especially on Amazon. The human mind favors frequency and familiarity. Correspondingly, shoppers will trust brands with cohesive, recognizable branding that communicates their shopping needs. A creative studio can streamline all branding elements into a cohesive identity that will entice shoppers to purchase.

Product Photography and Videography

POLA Creative Studio product photo and on-model photo graphic for an Amazon storefront.

Photo Credit: POLA Studio

Customers are likelier to purchase products showcased through professional, high-quality photography and videography. When shoppers are faced with the decision between a product with a blurry photo or a bright, clear visual, they’re likelier to choose the latter.

Most Amazon customers prefer to look at photos or watch videos for product information. Filming with professional equipment, good lighting, crisp sound quality, and clean backgrounds immediately elevates products above competitors.

Capturing photos and videos with proper lighting and backdrops can become quite pricey. Instead of expending energy learning to accomplish promising results, brands can hire a creative studio. All the equipment brands need to achieve the most polished product photography, and videography is always available. Plus, creative studios offer packages that include shooting and editing all product photos.

Some studios, like POLA Studio, have exclusive features like a cyclorama, also called a cyc wall. This feature is usually a white-walled installation with curved edges and seamless corners. For Amazon brands, a cyc wall can create a crisp, seamless background for cohesive product photos.

For Amazon audio ads, brands may seek a creative studio with professional recording tools like microphones, windscreens, and noise-canceling headphones.

Amazon Advertising

When building digital ads, graphics must grab the attention of scrollers to enhance performance and create lead generation. Potential clients will scroll right past uninteresting, low-quality, or confusing content. Whether brands sponsor a product page, brand page, or display ad, all graphics must be specially curated. Following the branding guideline across all graphic content is advisable when starting the design process.

On top of meeting Amazon’s requirements, brands should follow standard design etiquette for all ad infographics and visual content. Some basic design guidelines include the following:

  • Ensuring all text is aligned
  • Avoiding the use of more than three different font types
  • Leaving some negative space for visual clarity
  • Adhering to branding guidelines for the color palette, fonts, and other graphic elements

Creating graphics for Amazon advertising can be overwhelming for brands juggling business operations. A creative studio will formulate the best quality graphics and ensure each deliverable complies with Amazon’s guidelines and design etiquette.

Repurpose Content for Social Media

High-quality content can be repurposed across all social media platforms, thus increasing return on investment (ROI) when working with a creative studio. Amazon brands can utilize product photos for ads on Pinterest or organic posts on Instagram. Informational product videos make great TikTok posts. The versatility of working with a creative studio allows Amazon brands to outshine their competition efficiently.

Pintrest Ads

An iPhone mockup of POLA Marketing Agency's Pinterest ad graphics for Viosi, High Noon, NEEL, and Monday.

Photo Credit: POLA Studio

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to search for inspiration, ideas, and products. Users can create boards to save products to shop for later — similar to a wishlist or vision board. Most Pinterest users utilize the platform to make buying decisions. For Amazon brands, Pinterest ads place products in front of audiences already willing to purchase.

Organgic Instagram Posts

Another social media platform Amazon brands can take advantage of is Instagram. As a more visually-focused space, Instagram can help build brand awareness organically. Amazon shoppers go to Instagram for a closer look at what brands are doing and how others use their products.


On TikTok, short-form vertical videos take the spotlight. Amazon brands can utilize the casual environment of the platform to their advantage. With a plethora of repurposed video content from a creative studio, brands can post for several weeks. TikTok is popular among all age ranges, making it the perfect avenue for brands to communicate with hard-to-reach audiences.

Call in an Amazon A+ Content Agency with a Full-Service Studio

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