POLA’s Philosophy


Almost every client that we work with has asked us the same question. What does POLA mean? POLA is short for the word Polarity. The concept of polarity in its scientific forms (e.g., chemistry, physics, biology) and how it influences elements, matter, and life is the seed of inspiration for POLA’s approach to creative marketing.

When our founders began the POLA Marketing journey in 2017, they knew they could overcome any obstacle with a philosophy that echoes creativity and drive with persistent attention to detail.

POLA has emphasized team culture since the beginning. Our success is achievable through our team’s ability to collaborate in a creative environment conducive to producing passionate and articulate work.

We have built a level of trust that enables each member to thrive in their expertise, allowing us to create stimulating campaigns and innovative branding that elevates our clients’ businesses.

“Duality says the brighter one aspect, the darker the other. Polarity says they are two sides of the same coin.”

A New Way of Marketing

At POLA, we're not focused on hierarchical, bureaucratic, and trite ways of doing business. Our concentration lies solely in creating stimulating and innovative campaigns that change our clients' businesses forever.

Our priorities are people and creativity. We pride ourselves on passionate storytelling, striking graphics, and positive attitudes encompassing the entire office.

Adapt or Die

POLA recognizes that the digital world is constantly changing and changing fast. However, some businesses are not adapting their marketing strategies at the same pace.

We identify as a creative agency rather than a marketing firm. We remain fluid and adapt at a moment's notice. Our team is available to ensure lines of communication are always open throughout the process of curating intrinsic campaigns for our clients.

Every one of our clients is in a competitive industry, trying to elevate their brand above the competition. At first, it can seem daunting. It may even appear impossible, but with POLA’s services and dedicated team, we can strategically formulate a plan containing thought-provoking content to raise our client’s brand above the competition.

Paying Homage to Old-School Advertising

The world has changed leaps and bounds from the golden age of mad men. POLA was born out of passion and respect for the creative genius that once graced advertising companies but with progressive ideals of a more promising future.

As POLA continues with our blend of old meets new creative, hard work, and the latest methodology and marketing techniques, we are paving a new road into the future of advertising — to achieve not just success but memorable and inspiring success.