POLA’s Philosophy

“Polarity exists so that we may discover the truth beyond this world of duality, which is the ultimate purpose of life.”

― Dashama Konah Gordo

Our team is asked the same question often: ‘What does POLA mean?’ POLA is short for the word Polarity. The concept of polarity in its scientific forms (e.g., chemistry, physics, biology) and how it influences elements, matter, and life is the seed of inspiration for POLA’s approach to creative marketing.

We are fascinated with the world and its phenomena and the place where two things meet. Often great ideas result from the tension that accompanies polarity. As creatives, we strike an effective energetic balance between client goals and agency expertise.

A New Way of Marketing

POLA emphasizes team culture through collaboration in an environment conducive to producing passionate and articulate work.

At POLA, we’re not focused on hierarchical, bureaucratic, and trite ways of doing business. We thrive off of polarity: different opinions, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Each unique perspective at POLA drives our vision forward. We have built a level of trust that enables each member to thrive in their expertise. We pride ourselves on passionate storytelling, striking graphics, and positive attitudes encompassing the entire office.

Adapt or Die

POLA recognizes that the digital world is constantly changing and changing fast. POLA reaches beyond the label of just being a marketing firm. As a full-service creative agency POLA remains fluid and adapts at a moment’s notice.

The world is full of competition, but until a brand cultivates polarity, it won’t grow into its true potential. Great branding and marketing seem impossible to some companies without an unlimited budget or in-house creative team. It takes a partnership between talented, passionate individuals who understand the foundations of branding, marketing, and effective communication and are ready to explore.

The Services POLA Provides

POLA Marketing helps companies find polarity within their marketing in the following categories branding, web design, social media management, photography, creative direction, email marketing, SMS, SEO, lead generation, trade show materials, annual reports, print collateral, illustration, and product concept.

Finding true polarity within your marketing is not an easy task, but one that POLA Marketing eagerly welcomes. Our team is excited to help transform your ideas into stunning marketing materials that help tell your story to the world.