Almost every client that we work with has asked us the same question. What does POLA mean? POLA is short for the word Polarity. The concept of polarity, in its scientific forms, and how it influences elements, matter, and life is the seed of inspiration for POLA’s approach to creative marketing.

Embracing the Chaos of Creative Free Will


There's a plague in the world of marketing, advertising, and design, with one too many agencies acting like manufacturing plants, pumping out content for clients at a ridiculous pace and with very little creativity.

It's as if the industry has become blind to one truth — we are creators. Ads and campaigns once were works of art that compelled and wowed the customers we now label simply as target audiences. The endeavor to establish a genuine connection between brands and people grows further apart each year.

Analytics, Al, and SEO all serve a purpose and can yield transformative results. However, the brand-and-customer connection gets lost amidst the factory-driven content bombarding social media feeds.

Moreover, websites have become reductive, filled with data-backed generic content that Al increasingly creates with minimal human interaction or curation. The result is customers growing increasingly disconnected, and that's the one thing targeting cannot fix.

We Put Creative First in Marketing

POLA Marketing began as a small agency in 2017, focusing on the needs of clients and uncovering ways to elevate their businesses through data-proven methods and staying current on the latest trends in social media and technology. While incorporating these strategies into our clients' campaigns, we knew more was needed.

What data, and Al for that matter, cannot replicate is that inherent human ability to feel and to be inspired. Data can map out facts, detailing what has occurred, but it cannot predict the future nor factor future feelings into a customer's behavior.

Al can generate art and designs, copy, and so much more. However, Al cannot truly create, as programs use learning models to generate output based on past human work, meaning without any human curation, true imagination and originality are lost.

At POLA, we choose to be more. We do not resign to quick-and-easy automated and unoriginal copy-and-paste content that satisfies but fails to inspire and transcend. We believe in embracing the chaos of creative free will to deliver thought-provoking content that connects brands with their customers profoundly and intrinsically.

"Chaos is the only thing that honestly wants you to grow. The only friend who really helps you be creative."

— Dan Weiden

We Do What We Love

The nuances and creativity of marketing, advertising, and design are what hooks us. It is a simple yet perfect feeling when a campaign takes flight and conquers. It solidifies and validates our time and efforts, and when we look back, we realize that we are blessed to create and do what we love.

That belief, that reality, is what guides us at POLA Marketing. When calls, emails, and notifications are rushing all around, we stop, look back, and remember we find the ability to create content authentically through chaos, which is the most important truth.

Never Settle for Less Than

POLA was born out of passion and respect for the creative minds that once graced advertising agencies. We are a creative agency, not a marketing firm, remaining fluid and adapting at a moment's notice. The beauty of this approach enables our team to find and make the necessary adjustments.

POLA operates with the ideals of how we wish other agencies worked, choosing passion over quantity and reclaiming the excitement of creating. The future is ours, the will is ours, and we refuse to settle for anything less than chaos.

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