Logo designs are graphic marks, emblems, or symbols that aid and promote public identification and recognition.

A logo is the most critical element of visual identity, as it shapes consumers’ impressions of a business. We design logos that resonate, backed by an in-depth understanding of form, color, and typography.

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We create logos that get brands noticed.

POLA’s team consists of experienced graphic designers who are well-versed in logo design projects for businesses of all sizes. We create unique and timeless logos that establish brands as leaders in their industry.

Our team helps companies rebrand. Whether a client needs a new logo or a refresh to an existing logo, POLA works to capture the character of a business.



The logos we design can be applied successfully across a wide range of branded items. Business cards, pens, screen printing, stationery, and social media — a logo by POLA can be used anywhere.

Business cards, pens, screen printing, stationery, social media - a logo by POLA can be used anywhere.


We provide all the necessary file types for logo projects via Google Drive, organized and ready for use immediately.

File types include .png, .jpg, .ai, .pdf, .svg, .eps, and more.


Visual identity systems consist of a number of elements that come together to represent a brand.

We provide all information and specs in a brand book to ensure brand standards.

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People are loyal to brands that create an experience. Each branded touch reinforces that experience, conveying consistency and attention to detail.

Looking to create a lasting impression?

How We Create Logos that Stand the Test of Time

Simplicity makes a design more versatile. A minimalist approach enables a logo to be used across the broadest possible range of media, including avatars, billboards, business cards, and favicons.

Focusing on clarity also makes logos more recognizable, allowing for a greater chance of longevity. Think of the marks of Mercedes, Apple, Target, and Shell. Their simplicity and clarity create a lasting impression even when only seen at a quick glance. Often, a glance is all a potential customer has time for in passing.

The foundation of a design must endure. Visual identities that last do so because they do not follow fads. At the same time, a design’s foundation needs to be versatile and evolve with its brand to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Logo design
Logo design

If a visual identity is not adequately maintained, growth will be sporadic, and a brand could eventually die out. We recommend working with our design team to rework existing logos and brand guidelines to achieve new growth and garner attention.

A company’s brand identity (e.g., message and persona) and visual identity need cohesion for sustainability and growth. A brand’s voice needs to be reflected in all logos, color palettes, and typography to avoid appearing disjointed. Separated, brand identity and visual identity will never be complete. The two must support each other to truly shape a company’s identity.

When designing a logo, we make it a priority to create empowering yet simplistic marks. Upon successful completion of a logo design project, POLA provides clients with a brand book for proper use and understanding.

A logo is the first impression of a business in the eyes of consumers. We design logos with curated color palettes and selective typography in mind — all visual identity elements factor into a business’s ability to convert leads.

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We develop a customized approach that works specifically for each client.


We collaborate with clients throughout the entirety of the creative process.


We provide clients with exemplary work and a positive experience.

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    POLA has played a pivotal role in our company refocusing the messaging and branding to match the services we offer. We cannot thank them enough for their thoughtful input with a keen eye for details that are often lost when companies undertake a rebranding effort. They have a transparent and data driven approach to marketing that is agile enough for our complex business suite of services to be properly conveyed.They set realistic timelines and keep my team updated on progress and call out potential upcoming challenges, as well as make requests and recommendations to promote future growth.

    —Marc Prosch

    Operations Director of APenergy