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"The photographs truly elevated our online store's appearance. Every product now stands out, and our conversion rate has noticeably improved. Brilliant work!"
John H.
"The lighting, the angles, the set design - everything was spot on! Our apparel collection has never looked better online. Highly recommended for any e-commerce business."
Rachel D.
"Our products were photographed with such elegance. The pictures resonate well with our brand's story and aesthetics. Kudos to the team!"
Brad S.

The POLA E-commerce Product Photography Process


After companies ship their e-commerce products to our studio, we host a meeting to understand company goals so that we can convey them through imagery. We then create a storyboard of the shoot to ensure every company gets the most out of our team.


Once our team finishes working with companies to determine the best direction, we get to work in the studio shooting their products. Our team creates a shot list that allows us to work fast and efficiently to maximize turnaround time.


Every photograph we take on camera hits 8k and can produce stills at 61 megapixels (mp), allowing companies to use them in almost any application, including digital and print, without experiencing blurry lines or images.

POLA has an e-commerce photography studio and tailors its e-commerce photography services to help businesses reach goals with visuals that attract new customers.

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We capture the essence of brands through our e-commerce product photography services.

As a fully-equipped product photography agency in Louisiana, POLA handles all photography services for e-commerce businesses. Whether for online stores, Amazon A+ Content, social media platforms, or print collateral, POLA’s photographers, designers, and editors deliver visuals that captivate and entice.

Our team specializes in all forms of e-commerce product photography spanning platforms from Amazon listings and storefronts to Shopify websites. Some of our services include Amazon listing photography, commercial product photography, e-commerce product photography, and fashion photography.


E-commerce product photography is marketing a product by capturing pictures to drive sales. When consumers search for a product, they are presented with millions of options, which is why e-commerce businesses must utilize a product photography agency to stand out.

Product photography agency showing a model with a product in hand


Businesses have limited space on Amazon product listings to convey information about products. Moreover, Amazon has strict photo guidelines. However, through Amazon A+ Content, brands can display more dynamic visuals on their product listings and storefront pages.

product photography for skincare brand in POLA studio


Fashion photography typically falls into one of four categories, catalog fashion photography, street fashion photography, editorial fashion photography, or high fashion photography. Each style has a different scope to convey what a brand is to consumers. In recent years, many e-commerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) fashion brands have incorporated these photography styles to market their products on their websites and across social media platforms.

Fashion Product photography for DTC brands for social media platforms


The most vital role of e-commerce product photography is establishing an instant connection between the consumer and the product. Consumers need to connect to the product without the tangible connection of touch, presenting e-commerce businesses with a great challenge.

The visuals of the product need to convey what the product is, what it does, and why the consumer should purchase it over other options. Capturing an image of that caliber is easier said than done. Many factors can come into play, so working with an experienced e-commerce product photographer is crucial.

e-commerce product photography in studio

POLA’s photographers, stylists, set designers, and post-production editors artfully capture client visions while incorporating their years of experience and methodology. This perfectly married process results in e-commerce product photography that delivers eye-catching results.

As an e-commerce photography agency, POLA has endless resources and a state-of-the-art studio equipped with a cyclorama (cyc) wall, Rotolight Titan X2 cinematic lighting, and Profoto D2 monolights.

Caviar Spread Product Photography

Through our equipment and the talents of our team, we produce compelling product photography that resonates with consumers. The photos we create are done so with visual memory in mind. They can instantly connect with consumers, who will remember the product long after viewing it for the first time.

We also understand that for e-commerce businesses, time is of the essence; as such, we take pride in our ability to deliver visuals promptly. POLA has the capacity and experience to help fulfill any e-commerce business’s product photography needs. Discover what professional photography looks like.

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    “My interest in photography is not to capture an image I see or even have in my mind, but to explore the potential of moments I can only begin to imagine.”

    —Lois Greenfield