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Conversational Marketing

Responsive Content Design

Our content is well thought out with a reason behind every post. Designed from the ground up to demand engagement.

Website Design

We create beautiful professional websites that don’t just take up space. Our websites are designed to convert to leads.

4k Video/Photography

Pola Marketing will setup a photo shoot to have your product photographed or filmed in 4k.

Social Media Ads

We split test each ad into 24-250 different variations. This helps identify which ad will hit the most amount of people at the lowest cost.

SEO Optimization

Having SEO work done on your website will help you out rank your competition. Why have a website if nobody can find it.

Brand Consulting

Let’s set up a time to talk about where your company is positioned currently and ways we can get your company to reach its full potential.

Case Study

1Veuve Cliquot Tasting

Veuve Cliquot is an iconic brand in the Champagne world being one of the oldest champagnes in history. Pola Marketing had the opportunity to market the 1.5-hour-long event. The independent grocer sold over $40,000 in Veuve Cliquot in only 1.5 hours.


Jimenez brought the market a fantastic tasting chorizo sausage. Jimenez brought their product to retailers but was constantly getting shut down. After working with our team not only did we do a full package redesign, but developed a story that the brand could tell.

3Clarks Nutrition & Conversational Marketing

Clarks Nutrition is using the power of conversational marketing to collect data to better serve their customers. Together POLA Marketing & Clarks Nutrition are breaking boundaries on the conversational marketing front. Clarks is providing a shopping experience that no other grocery store is able to provide.

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